In the short term, the TAURON Group, using its competences, human, technical and organizational resources, as well as customer relations, intends to continue introducing new services and products on the market. To pave the way to new revenues, extensive research and development as well as innovative activities are carried out.

The TAURON Group organized development projects into four portfolios: Customer and his/her needs, Intelligent grid services, Distributed energy and Low-emission production technologies.

The new business ecosystem is strongly associated with the research and development ecosystem, but also with the mergers and acquisitions process. Such an approach not only allows for developing proprietary ideas, but also for taking advantage of the experience of external entities. Income based on the traditional power sector model has limited growth potential, therefore it is necessary to develop new activities. To this end, TAURON is conducting activities focused on obtaining additional revenues by offering new solutions, products and services, including with respect to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, also by improving energy efficiency. It is assumed that the share of revenue from the new activities will not be of key importance for many years, due to the very high value of the core operations in the fuel-energy-distribution chain, but this value will be growing gradually.

In the medium term, the TAURON Group strives to achieve its strategic goal, according to which 25% of the supply line of business revenues will come from the new businesses in 2025. This is a very ambitious assumption, but it can be realized provided that, among others, the development of the innovation ecosystem will be continued.

In the long run, it is assumed that the energy industry will change its operating model. The new businesses and innovations will prepare the TAURON Group for market challenges. Thanks to them, TAURON is already today involved in projects related to e-mobility (carsharing and electric vehicle charging stations), it is developing smart metering and internet access services, and is developing a database of products and services offered in addition to electricity. It is likely that today’s centralized power sector model will evolve towards distributed, prosumer based energy industry that presents different challenges and generates revenues in other places of the value chain than it does today. The TAURON Group’s aspiration is for new businesses to bring the Group maximum possible benefits arising from changes that have already appeared or are coming.

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