Modern infrastructure

The TAURON Group’s major investment projects, such as the construction of a 910 MW unit in Jaworzno, the construction of a CCGT unit in Stalowa Wola and the investment projects related to the mining assets, reached a significant level of progress in 2019. The Group is also continuing an expansion and modernization of its electricity distribution grid.

Thanks to the modern infrastructure, TAURON will provide stable electricity supply at a competitive price, meet stringent environmental standards and reduce the negative impact on the climate.

The TAURON Group’s generating units are in the process of implementing an investment and administrative action plan that will prepare them for optimal adaptation to the new environmental standards, the so-called BAT conclusions that will come into force as of August 2021. Such adaptation is important both due to the need to ensure the country’s energy security, but also because of the possibility of obtaining revenue from the capacity market. Thus, after 2020, TAURON will have a generation fleet capable of generating revenue on the dual-commodity energy market. In the Strategic Directions Update, the TAURON Group adopted a goal to introduce profound changes to its generation assets. It is planned that some of the already obsolete generating units will be decommissioned and replaced with new low- and zero-emission units: photovoltaic and wind based. In 2019, TAURON doubled its installed capacity in wind farms as a result of acquiring wind assets with a total capacity of more than 180 MW. In the coming years, in order to replace traditional production infrastructure, the Group will launch more capacity in renewable energy sources and will be expanding its distribution grid, responding to the needs of its customers. Investment projects in the distribution grid carried out in recent years have improved the reliability of electricity supply and reduced grid losses. TAURON will continue the modernization and expansion of the distribution infrastructure also to adapt the grid to the growing amount of electricity generated by renewable energy sources, as well as to enable interworking with the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.

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