Employees and organizational culture

The TAURON Group’s new business model introduced in 2016 changed the organization from a silo based structure to a process-oriented one, with clearly defined competences and responsibility for the final product. In 2017, the Group implemented process based management, and since 2018, measures aimed at optimizing processes at the Group's main subsidiaries have been successively implemented, and process management is being expanded to include further subsidiaries.

In 2019, all subsidiaries at which process based management had been implemented were included in the optimization process. At the same time, the robotic automation process and the path for initiating improvements by process participants were implemented, which intensified the optimization process in the TAURON Group’s subsidiaries. The works related to the implementation of the process maturity assessment have been commenced, with the Process Maturity Model having been designed and adopted, and a pilot assessment of selected processes having been carried out.

The business model combines activities at the strategic level and translates them into operational activities, indicating at the same time three key values: Partnership, Development and Boldness (PRO values) on which the TAURON Group’s organizational culture is based. These values support the implementation of the Strategy in everyday activities. A modern organization is one in which everyone talks to each other on a partnership basis, therefore particular importance is attached to dialogue and jointly taking up challenges. Apart from the customers, TAURON’s largest and most important assets are the employees. To unleash their energy and knowledge, the organizational culture based on the Group’s values is steadfastly being shored up. More than 26 thousand highly qualified employees represent a capital of great value.

Generational changes visible on the macro scale have also affected the energy industry. The young generation expects not only stable earnings from the place of employment, but also development opportunities in a modern organization. The generational gap is becoming more and more apparent today and steps are being taken to ensure the best possible staff for the TAURON Group’s subsidiaries in the medium and long term. Due to the workforce age and the need to provide appropriate staff in the medium and long term, a number of activities are already carried out aimed at acquiring suitable, qualified employees in the future, which is taking place, for example, through cooperation with schools and launching of classes under patronage.


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