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Employees are the most valuable capital of the TAURON Group. The pool of their professional knowledge, experience and skills as well as attitudes and motivations at all levels of the organization translates into the value of the Group, proper functioning, operations and achievement of strategic goals. Therefore, it is very important for the TAURON Group to undertake actions aimed at personnel development. We strive for this through building and promoting a knowledge-based organization, ensuring employee satisfaction by creating a friendly work environment, and promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle, such as non-professional activities.

The strategic directions of activities in the area of human resource management include: seeking to retain and attract employees with competences in line with business needs, creating a work environment that supports innovation, creating opportunities for continuous development of competences and promoting the idea of a learning organization. We would like the Group to be an employer of choice, creating an attractive environment for the development of current and future employees.

We are aware of the dependence of the financial (commercial) success on the well-functioning and well-developed personnel base. To this end, we are creating an innovative organizational culture based on the Group’s values – Partnership, Development and Boldness.

The range of the Group’s business operations, both in terms of geography as well as competence areas (from raw material acquisition, through the production and distribution of electricity and heat, up to the supply and customer service), employing more than 26 thousand employees, significantly affects the complexity of the human capital management process. Depending on the employee’s workplace in the Group’s value chain, human resources management and organization of personnel policy are adapted accordingly in terms of training and development, improvement of information flow, career opportunities and ensuring competitive working conditions. We are periodically conducting employee satisfaction surveys, and their results are the basis for developing and implementing action plans that aim to increase engagement and create an attractive workplace.

All activities for employees are also important due to projected demographic changes and a falling number of professionally active people. Creating attractive jobs, the TAURON Group strives to attract the best employees, also to developed and new areas of operations. In this regard, various activities have been undertaken for years, e.g. participation in job fairs, career fairs, entrepreneurship fairs and science festivals. Lectures, training courses and workshops as well as competitions for students are organized. We are actively promoting the TAURON Group at universities, high schools and vocational schools. We are creating patronage classes with an offer tailored to the future HR needs of the Group’s subsidiaries. To encourage the candidates interested in working for the TAURON Group, a recruitment helpline for job candidates has also been launched.

Key data on the capital

Key data on the TAURON Group’s human capital in 2019 and 2019


Key data 2019 2018
Number of employees (in persons as of 31.12) 26,086 25,829
Share of women among the workforce 21.40% 21.50%
Share of men among the workforce 78.60% 78.50%
Share of college graduates among the workforce 33.80% 33.20%
Share of high school graduates among the workforce 43.30% 43.10%
Share of vocational and elementary school graduates among the workforce 22.90% 23.70%
Rotation rate 6.51% 6.45%

Management of the return on capital

  • management of employee competences in accordance with the TAURON Group’s common competence model,
  • introducing a career development conversation as a tool supporting the process of Management by Objectives, with the main assumption aimed at building employee development through dialogue between the superior and the employee,
  • periodic surveys of the TAURON Group’s employees satisfaction level, the results of which are the starting point for undertaking initiatives aimed at improving job satisfaction and comfort, and thus increasing business efficiency,
  • actions aimed at eliminating the risk of a generation gap through active cooperation with the education sector,
  • implementation of a project under the Knowledge, Education, Development Operational Program (POWER) entitled: Developing a model of vocational and practical training program in the power sector, and the TAURON Group’s actively joining the strategy for responsible development in the field of dual education,
  • active involvement in shaping academic education paths as well as modernization of development processes and training for the Group’s personnel,
  • cooperation with numerous educational institutions and adapting the offering of apprenticeships and internships by the Group’s subsidiaries,
  • supporting the idea of sharing knowledge and competences through the implementation of the Internal Coaches Program,
  • promoting a culture of learning and knowledge sharing through proprietary and innovative development and training programs,
  • development of leadership competences through dedicated development programs and post-graduate studies,
  • access to the latest expert knowledge and current market trends in various areas of life as part of periodic lectures by the TAURON Group Open University,
  • Talent Management program, with the goal to support the employee development process and the utilization of the personnel’s potential within the TAURON Group,
  • active use of the e-learning platform to implement training aimed at developing industry knowledge and interpersonal skills,
  • supporting the work-life-balance principles, by undertaking a series of actions promoting a healthy lifestyle and making work time more flexible,
  • introducing programs for young parents and women returning to work after having a child, as well as conducting workshops for employees at pre-retirement age,
  • improving cost flexibility by optimizing the utilization of competences within the Group,
  • ensuring the competitiveness of remuneration systems by implementing transparent, market-based rules,
  • employee benefit packages taking into account the needs of employees,
  • increasing work efficiency by introducing digital solutions.

Results achieved

Through active management of the return on human capital, the TAURON Group is achieving the results presented in the table.

Results achieved by the TAURON Group in 2018 and 2019 as part of management of return on human capital


Results achieved 2019 2018
Number of training course hours 478 thousand 449 thousand
Number of the participants of the TAURON Group Open University 2.7 thousand 785
Number of training courses conducted by Internal Coaches 167 215
Number of Internal Coaches 83 76
Number of persons trained by Internal Coaches 1.8 thousand 2.1 thousand
Number of interns / apprentices 655 748
Number of patronage classes 47 44

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