Natural capitals defined by the TAURON Group - air, water, soil, minerals (coal, oil, gas, limestone), biomass - are used in almost the entire chain of operations.

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The Group’s goal is to use them at the lowest possible cost for people, the environment and the climate. The confirmation of this approach is the adoption by the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia, in May of 2019, of the Strategic Directions Update, thanks to which the weight of individual natural capitals used in business processes will change in the Group’s value chain. The Management Board has made the decision to turn towards renewable production technologies, so our focus will shift towards greater use of wind energy and solar radiation, while reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. In 2019, TAURON began implementing projects, involving the construction of photovoltaic installations on the Group’s unused land, but also based on the purchase of projects in other parts of the country, which will mean that solar radiation will be another natural energy source for the Group.

We are aware of the fact that changes in the use of natural capital will be implemented gradually, in an evolutionary way, and it is a necessary precondition for ensuring the supply of electricity to our customers. Currently, the TAURON Group has a stable base of raw materials ensuring the supply for the conventional production assets and for the external consumers. The base in the form of fossil fuels is also a guarantee of stable production in periods of intermittent or extreme weather conditions that have a negative impact on the security of the power system. The Group’s transition towards low- and zero-emission generation assets will significantly reduce its impact on the environment.

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Key data on the capital

The TAURON Group’s natural capital includes renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Non-renewable resources deposits are exploited in a responsible, rational, regulated, systematic and sustainable manner.

The raw materials used by the TAURON Group are presented in the tables.

Non-renewable resources deposits exploited by the TAURON Group in 2019
Number of deposits Mineral Number of Coal Mines Total mining area km2 Recoverable reserves million tons
8 Main mineral hard coal 3 218.77 344.8*
limestone 1 1.34 70.63
1 Accompanying mineral methane


Raw materials used by the TAURON Group in 2018 and 2019
TOTAL 2019 2018
Net coal [tons] 6,082,657 7,271,605
Sludge [tons] 315,247 311,511
Natural gas [m3] 8,220,614 8,413,515
Heating oil [tons] 26,575 30,642
Diesel oil [m3] 6,857 9,942
Limestone [tons] 252,865 316,793
Limestone production [tons] 1,717,980 1,561,433
Biomass agro [tons] 88,220 71,189
Biomass forest [tons] 332,592 238,742
* Includes the consumption and production by the Group’s subsidiaries.


Management of the return on capital

TAURON is managing the resources that make up its natural capital in a responsible manner. The above is demonstrated by the steadfast implementation of the guidelines of the document approved in July 2017 entitled the TAURON Group’s Environmental Policy. The policy addresses comprehensively all types of activities carried out by the Group, related to the impact on the environment and the use of its resources in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. In addition, the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia introduced the TAURON Group’s Climate Policy and updated the TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct in 2019, among other by adding the climate impact related issues.

One of the Group’s key expansion directions adopted is to aim to achieve the complete utilization of its waste, which in almost 100% is converted into products and can be used for commercial purposes. The achievement of this goal is implemented, among others, by minimizing the stream of waste generated thanks to product innovation, supply chain management and a conscious process of decommissioning some of the assets from service, as well as by promoting the use of waste generated during the product’s life cycle and thus reducing the amount of waste deposited in the environment by placing it on the market for use as substitutes for natural materials.

Results achieved

The results achieved as part of the above actions are presented in the table.

Results achieved by the TAURON Group in 2018 and 2019 as part of the management of the return on natural capital


Results achieved: 2019 2018
Direct greenhouse gas emissions – CO2 (tons) 12,215,945 16,604,240
Nitrogen oxides – NOX (tons) 10,709 16,105
Sulfur dioxide – SO2 (tons) 10,386 16,911
Total dust 636 1,001
Other * (such as: HCl, HF, carbon monoxide, ammonia, methane, metals) 33,522 37,000
Total volume of non-hazardous waste (including combustion waste and mineral extraction waste) (tons) 1,366,974 3,540,064
Dumpsite waste (tons) 5,539 4,639

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