The TAURON Group’s social capital is based on developing mutual relations both within the organization as well as towards the external environment (stakeholders). The foundation of developing such relationships is the TAURON Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2017-2025, and the main principles are described in the TAURON Group’s Responsible Business Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct.

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The sustainable development strategy sets the directions and initiatives undertaken by the Group’s subsidiaries to increase work safety, minimize the negative impact on the natural environment and climate, as well as to develop appropriate attitudes with respect to engaging the employees’ and residents’ of the areas where the TAURON Group is conducting its business operations.

The TAURON Group places particular weight on the relations with the stakeholders – it conducts social dialogue that is related to both the existing production assets as well as the implementation of new investment projects. The effects of the dialogue are specific actions that include, among others, a reduction of noise levels at selected production and distribution facilities. The TAURON Group is also conducting a good neighbor policy, under which it aims to improve the living conditions of local communities and cooperates with local government bodies. The Group is also involved in a number of undertakings for the benefit of the environment, such as charity and education activities, cooperation with academic centers, employee volunteering and providing support for many important sports and cultural events.

The Group’s involvement in climate protection and counteracting climate change is playing an increasingly important role in the development of social capital. The response to social challenges in this respect is the TAURON Group’s Climate Policy adopted to be put in place at the end of 2019, which was inaugurated with a lecture entitled: Climate facts and myths as part of the TAURON Group Open University.

Key data on the capital

Key data on the TAURON Group’s social capital in 2019:

  • Organizational culture based on the values of Partnership, Development and Boldness;
  • The TAURON Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2017-2025 and the TAURON Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct, which define the principles of cooperation with the stakeholders;
  • Development of ethical culture and compliance management among employees;
  • Building lasting relationships and active dialogue with the stakeholders;
  • Cooperation with responsible suppliers in accordance with the principles of the Code of Conduct for Contractors (Counterparties) of the TAURON Group’s Subsidiaries;
  • Implemented and applied: TAURON Group’s Diversity Policy and Respect for Human Rights Policy;
  • Engaging employees in the company’s development through special events (sports competitions, integration meetings) and competitions;
  • Personnel education and development;
  • Implemented and applied the TAURON Group’s PRO Customer Social Policy;
  • Support for local initiatives through the TAURON Foundation;

Management of the return on capital

The TAURON Group’s management of return on social capital is performed, first and foremost, through:

  • promotion of the compliance culture, which in combination with the TAURON Group’s Competence Model, motivates employees to achieve business goals in accordance with the law, internal and intra-corporate regulations, and ethics,
  • shaping the work environment based on respect, openness, integrity and justice, and respect for human work through the implementation and application of specific principles of conduct (including, inter alia, Diversity Policy, Policy of compliance with the Principles of Ethics and counteracting Mobbing and Discrimination in the TAURON Group, Policy of Respect for Human Rights),
  • development of the Purchasing Organization Support System called the TAURON Group’s Purchasing Platform, organization of Open Door Days for the TAURON Group’s potential contractors (counterparties),
  • cooperation with the trade unions,
  • Social Dialogue Ombudsman’s activities,
  • development of employee volunteering, which has been in place at TAURON since 2017.

Results achieved

Results achieved as part of the TAURON Group’s management of social capital in 2019


Results achieved 2019 2018
Number of meetings with trade union organizations functioning at the Group’s subsidiaries 329 249
Percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements 95.70% 93.90%
Occupational accident frequency rate 7.8 7.7
New key and consolidated categories, in which particular importance is attached to financial optimization of the purchasing As part of the business operations conducted, as required As part of the business operations conducted, as required
Regular meetings with local communities to provide information on the business operations conducted and its impact on the residents As part of the business operations conducted As part of the business operations conducted
Number of local and pro-social initiatives joined by the TAURON Foundation 158 147
Number of framework agreements on corporate social responsibility 11 9
Number of sports and cultural events organized for the TAURON Group’s workforce 18 16
Number of employee volunteering projects involving nearly 200 employees 19 13

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