SustainableDevelopment Strategy

The fundamental assumption of the corporate social responsibility concept in the TAURON Group is to base the enterprise’s success on its long-term sustainable development.

An indication of a mature approach to management at TAURON is the integration, already at the strategic level, of financial and non-financial factors, including aspects of environmental protection, social impact and corporate governance. This results from the conviction that for a business to exist and develop it needs to be run in a manner allowing for both economic aspects and social or environmental interest, and balance is required among all of them.

Therefore, our development goals constitute a bundle based on the 3P model – referring to economic gains (Profit), individuals associated with the company (People), and care for the environmental aspect of the activity (Planet). At TAURON, the stipulation to strive for sustainable development is implemented in practice by the TAURON Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2017-2025, adopted by the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia on 1 August 2017.

The Sustainable Development Strategy implemented in 2019 defines five basic directions of activities:

Our goal is, above all, to ensure security of electricity supply for our customers and to develop an offering of products and services tailored to their expectations, as well as to promote innovation.

The priority is to maintain good relationships with customers, care for the highest standards of customer service as well as comprehensiveness and quality of the offering addressed to the customers. The measures of the effectiveness of our actions include an increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction, or a drop in the number of complaints.

Our goal is to ensure efficient management, recycling and reuse of the resources, implementation of environment management systems (ISO, EMAS), investing in modern technologies, continuous modernization of the production assets, optimization of the production processes, increasing the efficiency of resource utilization, educating the society and setting requirements for the suppliers.

The goal is to develop lasting relationships with employees based on diversity, a sense of security, development opportunities and combining social and professional roles, as well as creating working conditions seeking to minimize the accident rate.

Our goal is to set the highest industry standards with respect to business ethics and environment protection. Activities are focused on conducting projects related to social engagement, promoting CSR topics among stakeholders and encouraging them to act in a responsible manner, as well as conducting a transparent policy with respect to the communication with the stakeholders.

Within each direction, commitments have been set (there are 18 in total) that TAURON intends to fulfill by the end of 2025. Key initiatives were formulated for each commitment to support their implementation.

Significant changes to the TAURON Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy

The works on updating the Sustainable Development Strategy, which is a coherent plan of actions related to social responsibility, based on the updated Strategic Directions of the TAURON Group and a study of the real needs of all stakeholder groups, were commenced in the third quarter of 2019.

The main objectives of the above document, whose adoption is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020, include:

  • striving for greater coherence of business and social goals and seeking to achieve the leadership position in CSR and sustainable development in the energy sector in Poland,
  • sustainable transition towards becoming a leading, low-emission energy group in Poland,
  • clean energy and searching for the new development (expansion, growth) paths

In accordance with the adopted Strategic Directions Update, the sustainable development of the TAURON Group’s value will be based first and foremost on:

  • regulated and stable Distribution segment,
  • development of low and zero emission sources,
  • conventional generation assets eligible for support,
  • sales of energy and energy-related products and services tailored to the customers’ needs,
  • modern management culture and a friendly work environment based on the principles of diversity and compliance,
  • building lasting relationships with local communities by developing social and business partnership initiatives.

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