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We deliver state-of-the art solutions with passion and commitment to produce energy in a constantly changing world.

We are the company that responds the best to customer needs in the Polish power sector.

The mission and vision of the TAURON Group are derived directly from the profile of our operations. As one of the largest energy groups in Central and Eastern Europe, we are aware of the importance of efficient functioning to ensure security of energy supply for Poland’s residents and companies operating here. We also know that in the era of intense changes in the market environment, progressing digitization, social mobility and the impact of human activities on the environment and climate, there is a visible change in the expectations of our customers. They are becoming more and more active and aware of the quality of services provided, and expect a broad and comprehensive offering as well as modern customer service channels, while the highest standards of environmental protection are maintained and the climate impact is minimized.

Providing modern solutions in a constantly changing world and stable conditions for the development of the offering in line with customer expectations has become not only the basis for creating the TAURON Group’s strategic directions, but also an expression of our social responsibility, including with respect to the environment and climate.

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