Innovation Ecosystem

The research and development as well as innovations related activities (R+D+I) are reflected in the Strategic Research Agenda adopted by the Company’s Management Board in 2018. TAURON Capital Group introduced portfolio based management of research and development projects in accordance with the R+D+I priority directions.

Strategic Research Agenda is in line with 4 directions of the R+D+I activities assumed in the Strategy.

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Strategic Research Agenda is a document that describes in a precise manner the directions of innovations pursued and it is a detailed extension of the Strategy. For each direction a separate portfolio of projects is created and the key challenges, development goals and research areas are defined within such projects. Such a structure of the Strategic Research Agenda supports selecting specific projects and rejecting others, and it will also allow for an optimum allocation of the financial resources. Strategic Research Agenda includes the following portfolios: Customer and His / Her Needs, Smart Grid Services, Dispersed (Distributed) Power Generation and Low Emission Generation Technologies. This way TAURON Capital Group’s R+D+I activities are carried out and developed based on complete and detailed assumptions of strategic nature – with clearly defined goals and results tied to a timeline.

Strategic Research Agenda is in line with and complementary to the other strategic documents, prepared or adopted by TAURON Capital Group.

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