How we manageinnovation

Historically, innovations at TAURON were developed in each power plant and within energy regions. The Group’s member companies currently hold tens of patents. Some such solutions have been successfully implemented or sold to other enterprises.

This conservative model for the development of solutions, products and services has now been adapted to the new challenges facing the Group and the whole power sector. In building our innovation ecosystem from scratch, we focused on flexibility and openness.

In addition to traditionally construed R&D activities, cooperation with startups has gained in importance. Its establishment required the Group to develop from scratch the formula of ‘cooperation of the large player with the small player’, specifically cooperation of the TAURON Group with small innovative teams with an organizational culture distant from corporate project development and implementation procedures.

As practice has shown, this type of cooperation requires, as has already been mentioned, flexibility both on the part of the corporation and on the part of the startup enterprise. Both parties must adjust their expectations to the counterparty’s needs and capabilities. The development of a common language was an effort that began in 2018 with tangible outcomes of its continuation and further development in 2019 in the form of TAURON’s active involvement in new initiatives focused on the development of cooperation in the spirit of open innovation.

The intensification of research and development work and innovation required the introduction and effective use of process management in the daily execution of assignments. Our efficiency and timeliness improved as a result of clarity in defining the tasks and responsibilities of individuals and organizational units involved in RDI activities in each member of the Group. Continuous improvement of the organization of the area responsible for creating innovation has enabled us to improve the effectiveness of supervision exercised by our Corporate Center over the execution of individual projects, including the management of financial and non-financial resources.

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