The Group’s strategic planning process consists of the following key elements:

  • recognition and monitoring of the environment;
  • identification of risks, threats and opportunities;
  • assessment and estimation of the impact of business risks, threats and opportunities;
  • preparation of strategic priorities and establishment of goals;
  • matching of resources (budgets, capital) with the pursuit of strategic goals, allocation of capital;
  • cascading of measurable goals to each Line of Business;
  • identification of tasks/initiatives/projects to achieve the established goals;
  • execution of the adopted tasks/initiatives/projects;
  • measurement/monitoring of effects and possible correction of activities at the level of each Line of Business and the Group;
  • monitoring of changes in the external environment and assessment of their impact on the Group;
  • corrections/updates of strategic priorities in response to challenges arising from changes (opportunities and threats) in the environment.

The Group’s strategic goals are cascaded to the Lines of Business in accordance with the development directions established for them and their role within the Group. Each Line of Business has obtained its own measurable goals and Strategic Initiatives, projects and activities necessary to achieve them, along with their material and financial scope.

The pursuit of the Strategy is monitored both in terms of achieved financial results and implementation of the material scope. The Group has adopted a flexible approach to its Strategic Initiatives – they are finetuned on an ongoing basis in relation to the outcomes they produce as well as to changing external circumstances. Parameters of key significance for each Line of Business are: achievement of the established goals and maintenance of the EBITDA and CAPEX levels set in the strategic projections.

We are aware that our efforts will bring the expected results only if our staff participate in the creation and implementation of the Strategy. By unleashing both their potential to achieve goals and their sense of responsibility for the Group’s performance, we enable our staff to create value, which results in an expansion of the Group’s potential. This is why we attach so much importance to investing in our employees. Their professional and personal development is one of the pillars of sustainable growth of shareholder value.

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