The Strategy provides the Group with a road map to achieve its goals. It means that tasks, persons responsible, necessary resources and expected outcomes have been defined.

However, it is impossible to create plans that correctly predict all favorable and unfavorable events, and thus are completely impervious to any changes in the environment. For this reason, both the tasks and the approach to their execution are adjusted in a flexible manner in response to new circumstances. The Group keeps adapting to ever-changing market reality in order to overcome obstacles and take advantage of opportunities as effectively as possible. It is always important to measure the effects obtained, which we always benchmark against the performance of our competitors.

2019 was the continuation of the implementation of TAURON Group’s 2016-2025 Strategy (Strategy), adopted by the Management Board of TAURON on September 2, 2016

Since the date of adopting the Strategy some of its assumptions have changed, first of all the regulations that have a material impact on TAURON Capital Group’s operations have become more specific, among others, the act on the capacity market, the act on promoting high efficiency cogeneration electricity, the energy law act, the act on electromobility, and the regulations related to quality requirements for solid fuels. At the same time, the works on the final version of Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040 are underway

In view of the above, on May 27, 2019, the Company’s Management Board adopted, and the Company’s Supervisory Board issued a positive opinion on the Update of the Strategic Directions in TAURON Group’s Strategy for 2016-2025 (Update of the Strategic Directions), which complemented the Strategy. The update of the strategic directions takes into account the impact of the above mentioned documents and the key regulatory changes on TAURON Capital Group and assumes the so-called Green Turn of TAURON, i.e. a sustainable transition of TAURON Capital Group towards becoming the leading low-emission energy group in Poland.

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