Group’s vision for 2025 and 2030

On many levels, we maintain our status of a leader in the Polish power sector, which, however, does not relieve us from the duty to improve continuously and strive for even better results. In our Strategy, we have outlined not only the Group’s specific goals but, above all, the direction to be followed.

We have remodeled our approach to each of our lines of business, breaking them down into lines that the Group will expand intensively, lines that will constitute the foundation of our financial stability and lines where strong emphasis on cost efficiency is required above all else. The Group’s long-term growth will be driven by solutions based on deepened customer relationships.

We have defined the future roles of each of our Lines of Business by 2025 and 2030. Our goal is to have, ultimately, the following 4 main streams of business:

  • Stable Distribution Segment,
  • Development of low- and zero-emission sources,
  • Conventional generation assets receiving support,
  • Sales of energy and energy-related products and services tailored to the needs of customers.

The TAURON Group analyzes the potential effects of climate change and how they can affect planning processes, risks and potential consequences on our business. The inclusion of climate aspects in our Strategy and business model, while paying particular attention to the adverse impact of climate change on the company and the possibility of the company’s negative impact on the climate, is an important issue from both the business point of view and from the social perspective. Also, referring to these aspects in our strategic and operational documents increases our odds of success.

The pursuit of our Strategy and updated strategic directions will enable the development of a strong corporate group, a sustainable transformation toward TAURON’s Green Turn and improved investment potential.

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