Social and business partnership

While pursuing our business goals, we are trying to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, i.e. mitigate the adverse impact on our environment, at the same time maximizing the benefits to the socio-economic development.

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Having multiple groups of stakeholders requires building relationships with each of them gradually. We are trying to do our best to fulfill our obligations properly.

We involve various partners in our actions that are aimed to increase our positive impact: local communities, customer environment, administration, consumer organizations, associations, scientific institutions. In each case we are building cooperation based on the principles of Partnership, Growth, Boldness (PGB), so that the joint goals could be accomplished as effectively as possible. Initiatives in this area are executed both by individual Group’s subsidiaries and by the TAURON Foundation.

We Are Actively Pursuing a Good Neighbor Policy

While pursuing our business strategy, we always remember that the increase in goodwill should correspond to the interests of the broadly understood environment in which the company operates. Therefore, we attach great importance to our relationships with local communities, which is proved by a range of actions performed by individual Group’s subsidiaries. Their catalog includes initiatives in the area of both minimization of environmental impact and involvement of residents, particularly at the project planning stage, of the locations that neighbor TAURON’s plants. Thanks to them, the Group’s assets not only became a permanent part of the local landscape but at the same time became entrenched in the awareness of the local communities, making the company enjoy the opinion of a good neighbor.

In 2019, the TAURON Group executed initiatives that addressed issues important from the point of view of residents of southern Poland (Upper Silesia, Lower Silesia, Opole region, Lesser Poland). As part of the celebrations of another anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence, the second edition of our original project titled “TAURON Energetic Junior Cup” was executed. Covered by the patronage of the Prime Minister as well as the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Sports and Tourism, this event every year sees the participation of nearly one thousand young football players from the Group’s region of activity. There is a good reason for organizing the event in autumn: this way we encourage young people to celebrate successive anniversaries of Poland’s regaining independence.

Also the action titled “Power of Christmas Carols” was conducted in 2019. This project involved inviting the organization’s employees to a radio studio to record the most beautiful Polish Christmas carols. The records released on USB sticks were handed out to hospitals and children’s hospices operating in southern Poland.

The aspects of the managerial approach to cooperation with local communities are included in communication management strategies for individual investment projects. It must be emphasized that the principles of communication with the local community take into account the requirements of the Information Policy for the TAURON Group, in particular the principles of communication in the area of stock exchange information and investor relation management as well as the principles of communication in crisis.

The TAURON Group attaches a particularly great importance to the topic of safety. For this purpose, an informational and educational program titled “TAURON’s Fuses” was launched, which gradually extended its reach to successive consumer groups and become a brand in itself. At present, “TAURON’s Fuses” include initiatives addressed to adults (“TAURON’s Fuses. Switch them on for your home and family”), seniors (“TAURON’s Fuses. Switch them on for the senior”), children (“TAURON’s Fuses. Switch them on for the children”) and employees of renovation and construction enterprises (“TAURON’s Fuses. Switch them on at work”).

TAURON’s Fuses. Switch them on for the children

An educational program with the Polish nationwide reach, addressed to primary school pupils, their teachers and parents. Its goal is education in the field of safe use of electrical appliances and popularization of issues related to energy generation and distribution. The program has been conducted by TAURON Dystrybucja since 2013. In 2017, its concept was changed: lessons at schools in the region of the Company’s activity were replaced by a multimedia educational platform containing scenarios for classes and a variety of teaching materials. Some of them are prepared for pupils with disabilities. The program offers also educational classes held during various open-air and scientific events and at educational institutions for pupils with disabilities.

Protect the Hedgehog

TAURON helps its employees to work for the natural environment. Piotr Gleńsk, an employee of the company, created asylum in his home for barbed convalescents. Hedgehogs who have been injured, are sick or have lost their mother, in Piotr’s house they receive caring help and care. After returning to full strength, the animals return to freedom. Within a few years, more than forty hedgehogs regained their form thanks to the support of our employee.

Piotr Gleńsk is also a designer of special houses for hedgehogs. These small buildings built of styrodur thanks to the support of TAURON end up in parks as well as city claws and thickets, helping to find shelter for animals that returned to their natural environment.

TAURON also promotes ecological behavior among children and youth by organizing information campaigns, lectures, lectures and presentations in schools and kindergartens.

Regular Dialogue with The Environment

In order to satisfy the needs and expectations of the stakeholders to the highest degree possible, the TAURON Group is engaged in an active dialogue with its environment. Various contact channels are selected depending on the stakeholder group. In each case we make all effort that the communication is multilateral and that our stakeholders are able to provide feedback.

The flagship example of our policy of dialogue with the environment is the preparation of the integrated report. Similarly to the previous years, we tried to involve as many of our stakeholders as possible in this process. As a result, we received credible feedback concerning the contents of our publication.

What must be underlined is also the dialogue with the staff, including the social partners. The TAURON Group’s subsidiaries held 329 meetings with the trade union organizations in 2019 alone. In addition, the function of Social Dialogue Ombudsman, being a sort of a liaison between the employer and the social partners, has been in place in the structures of the parent company. The primary task of the Ombudsman is to coordinate and perform actions in the field of social dialogue in the TAURON Group and to prepare a concept of building an agreement between the parties to the dialogue.

TAURON has organized also energy and local government conferences for years. Their goal is to extend cooperation with partners from local governments, the scientific and business circles, and to get to know the problems troubling both parties. At the conferences, such topics are discussed as energy security, illumination of facilities for their better exposure and security enhancement, energy saving, new innovative solutions, promotion of knowledge in the field of power engineering and legal issues.

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