Changes to the principlesof TAURON Polska Energia S.A. and the TAURON Group’s management

Changes to the principles of the Company’s management

On 25 October 2019, as a result of changes taking place in the Company’s business environment, seeking to optimize, streamline and strengthen the management processes as well as make the processes of composing independent work places and organizational units reporting to members of the Company’s Management Board more flexible, the Management Board adopted and the Company’s Supervisory Board approved the new Organizational Regulations.

In the above Organizational Regulations, that came into force on 15 November 2019, the existing Divisions were replaced by the Business Areas managed by the Executive Directors, the possibility of appointing, in justified cases, one of the Executive Directors to the position of a Managing Director in order to manage subject matter related Business Areas was introduced and it was established that the assignment of Business Areas to the specific members of the Company’s Management Board would be made by the Company’s Supervisory Board or, in the absence thereof, the assignment would be made pursuant to a resolution of the Company’s Management Board.

In connection with the new Organizational Regulations, the required modifications of the scope of functions of the individual Business Areas in the organizational structure of the Company were also made.

The changes in the organizational structure of the Company were aimed at optimizing the functioning of the Company and the TAURON Group. The current organizational structure of TAURON Polska Energia is presented in the figure.

tauron-model-inforgrafiki_2019-EN-44 tauron-model-inforgrafiki_2019-EN-44

Changes to the principles of the TAURON Group’s management

As part of the works related to the implementation of the Business Model, the activities related to designing and implementing the key processes at the TAURON Group’s subsidiaries that conduct business operations, i.e. TAURON Dystrybucja Serwis, TAURON Dystrybucja Pomiary, TAURON Serwis, TAURON Ekoserwis, TAURON Sprzedaż GZE, TAURON Ubezpieczenia, Wsparcie Grupa TAURON, Bioeko Grupa TAURON, SCE Jaworzno III and Spółka Usług Górniczych sp. z o.o. (SUG), were completed in 2019.

Maps and diagrams, as well as interface points for the processes taking place at TAURON Polska Energia and at other TAURON Group subsidiaries, were agreed. The Company verified the processes throughout the TAURON Group in order to ensure high quality and consistency of the processes developed.

The robotic automation process and the path for initiating improvements by process participants were also implemented in 2019, which intensified the optimization process at the TAURON Group’s subsidiaries. The works related to the implementation of the process maturity assessment were commenced in the TAURON Group, with the TAURON Group’s Process Maturity Model tool having been designed and a pilot assessment of selected TAURON Group subsidiaries’ processes having been carried out. All of these activities were aimed at identifying areas for further improvement, in particular taking into account the issues related to business optimization and the response to physical and transition risks.

The implemented documentation and process tools, as well as the competences acquired by the TAURON Group with respect to process management and process optimization at the TAURON Group’s subsidiaries set up conditions for further seeking of improvements and increasing the efficiency of the operations.

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