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The TAURON Group is an economic organization made up of independent commercial law companies, led by TAURON Polska Energia S.A. as the parent company.

The management of the TAURON Group is carried out based on two internal documents: the Code of the Group and the TAURON Group’s Business and Operational Model.

Code of the TAURON Group

The management of the TAURON Group is based on the leading role of the corporate center, i.e. the parent company – TAURON Polska Energia S.A., which manages the subsidiaries that are part of the Lines of Business and Shared Services Centers. Relations with respect to making decisions are regulated by the Code of the Group, which is the core regulatory act of the TAURON Group. The Code of the Group regulates its operations, ensuring the accomplishment of the goals through tailored solutions in the area of the management of the TAURON Group’s entities, thus enabling the achievement of the effects assumed in the Strategy.

Currently, the works on updating the Code of the Group, due to the changes in the environment, the need to clarify some of the provisions and nearly ten years of experience gathered based on the use of this document are being finalized.

TAURON Group Business and Operational Model document assumptions

The TAURON Group’s Business and Operational Model adopted by the Company’s Management Board on 23 January 2018, specifies the Group’s management model, defines the high-level architecture of processes, as well as the functions and tasks of the Corporate Center, lines of business, and other units.

The foundations of the Business and Operational Model include:

  • building the value of the TAURON Group as a whole (not of separate subsidiaries),
  • focus on customers (internal and external),
  • adhering to the Group’s values (PGB values),
  • making decision making processes red tape free,
  • taking advantage of the TAURON Group’s knowledge and qualifications.

To ensure efficient management, the split of roles and responsibilities was implemented in accordance with the business model in force, based on assigning process competences to the Corporate Center, the Lines of Business, and the Shared Services Centers.

Breakdown of duties and responsibilities under the TAURON Group’s business model in 2019:

a business unit responsible for the management of the TAURON Group’s operations and taking the most important decisions affecting the Group, Lines of Business, Shared Services Centers, and the Group’s subsidiaries

seven lines of the TAURON Group’s core business operations, defined in accordance with the links of the electricity and heat production value chain: Mining, Generation, Heat, Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Trading, Distribution and Supply.

units responsible for the provision of specific support services (e.g. accounting, IT, human resources and payroll, insurance, customer service, security) for other units of the TAURON Group.

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