In accordance with the Diversity Policy adopted by the TAURON Group in 2017, diversity and openness are an integral part of business operations. The Group applies an equal treatment policy and seeks to ensure diversity in terms of gender, educational background, age and professional experience in relation to all employees, and in particular to the management bodies and its key managers. The Diversity Policy is also applied in the cooperation with the external partners of the Group, i.e. companies, universities, schools or other business entities.

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Due diligence procedures and internal regulations

The key assumptions and principal premises applied within the Diversity Policy include:

  • developing the work environment based on respect, openness, accuracy and fairness (justice),
  • ensuring versatility and diversity, in particular with respect to gender, education, age and professional experience,
  • building organizational culture open to diversity, based on the corporate values: Partnership, Growth, Boldness (PGB),
  • preventing discrimination by fostering appropriate work atmosphere as well as building and strengthening positive relationships among the personnel.

As part of employee related issues supporting the implementation of the directions set by the Diversity Policy, in combination with the strengthening of the culture of equal treatment regardless of age, gender, appearance, disability, views or beliefs and ensuring equal opportunities in terms of remuneration or professional development, there are regulations ensuring fairness and objectivity with respect to work organization and remuneration, e.g.

TAURON Group’s Compensation Principles,

regulations with respect to benefits (entitlements),

implemented flexible forms of work time and ability to work remotely

and dedicated to women, providing them with equal opportunities and support in combining professional life with private life, e.g. reduced working time for pregnant women.

Actions taken and results achieved

By implementing the Diversity Policy we are seeking to provide a work environment based on respect and fairness (justice), within which each employee may fully realize their individual potential. We are accomplishing this goal through the implementation of numerous training and competence development programs, as well as those supporting the development of each employee.

The most important among them include:

  • PM Academy – a project dedicated to investment project management in the TAURON Group, as part of which participants were able to develop competences and acquire tools for efficient management of strategic projects from the point of view of the TAURON Group;
  • Purchasing management in business – a project aimed at improving purchasing, negotiating and commercial qualifications;
  • Talent Management Program in place at TAURON Polska Energia, aimed at supporting the employee development process and tapping their potential;
  • TAURON Group’s In-House Trainer Academy is a form of activities supporting synergy of competences within the TAURON Group;
  • “Magenta meetings” mentoring program as part of the “KobiecaMoc” (“WomenPower”) campaign – for women students of electrical engineering faculties, whose aim is to provide support for girls, among others in selecting a career path;
  • “Mum works” program.

The “Mum works” program participants are women employed in the TAURON Group, whose children are under six years of age, and pregnant women. Women joining the program have the opportunity to perform their job duties outside the place of employment (remotely) as part of a telework arrangement, or take advantage of the individual (customized) scheduling of the working time, depending on the nature of the tasks carried out at a given position. Those who are still on a parental or child care leave receive a newsletter containing information on the life of the company, allowing them to keep in touch with the workplace. Pregnant women can additionally reduce the working time by two hours a day during the period of pregnancy, while maintaining the amount of compensation.

The goal of the “Mum works” program is to increase the comfort of work for future and current mothers. The program is to increase the number of women returning to work after having a child, allowing more flexible adaptation of working time to their needs. It is also to ensure that women do not lose contact with the organization during their absence caused by the maternity or child care leave. The percentage of returns to work after parental leave, as well as the retention rate are presented in the table.

Parental leave in the TAURON Group in 2019
TAURON Group’s total Women Men
Percentage of returns to work 78% 51% 91%
Retention rate following a parental leave 90% 77% 84%

We are aware of the fact that a diverse work environment is conducive to sharing knowledge, experience and, as a result, is conducive to achieving the intended results. In tables no. 25 and 26 we present the breakdown of the workforce and the management board of the TAURON Group by age and gender as well as minorities.

≤ 30 i.e. up to 30 years (inclusive) above 30 up to 50 years (inclusive) above 50 years < ≤ 30 i.e. up to 30 years (inclusive) above 30 up to 50 years (inclusive) above 50 years < ≤ 30 i.e. up to 30 years (inclusive) above 30 up to 50 years (inclusive) above 50 years < ≤ 30 i.e. up to 30 years (inclusive) above 30 up to 50 years (inclusive) above 50 years < ≤ 30 i.e. up to 30 years (inclusive) above 30 up to 50 years (inclusive) above 50 years <
Number of employees 180 2,717 9,095 14,094 26,086
1 94 85 23 1,503 1,191 701 5,057 3,337 1,622 7,022 5,450 2,347 13,676 10 063
Women 0 26 9 3 309 165 343 2,406 1,539 36 329 415 382 3,070 2 128
Men 1 68 76 20 1,194 1,026 358 2,651 1,798 1,586 6,693 5,035 1,965 10,606 7 935
(with reference to all of the company’s employees)
1% 10% 35% 54% 100%
Percentage share (with reference to the number of employees in the given employment category)
TOTAL 1% 52% 47% 1% 55% 44% 8% 56% 37% 12% 50% 39% 9% 52% 39%
Women 14% 5% 0% 11% 6% 4% 26% 17% 0% 2% 3% 1% 12% 8%
Men 1% 38% 42% 1% 44% 38% 4% 29% 20% 11% 47% 36% 8% 41% 30%
≤ 30 i.e. up to 30 years (inclusive) above 30 up to 50 years (inclusive)

above 50 years <

Number of Management Board employees 42
TOTAL 0 29 13
Women 0 3 0
Men 0 26 13
Composition of the Management Board in percentages broken down by age and gender [%]
(percentage share versus entire Management Board) TOTAL 0% 69% 31%
(percentage share versus all women in the Management Board) women 0% 100% 0%
(percentage share versus all men in the Management Board) men 0% 67% 33%

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