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In order to systematize the activities conducted, as well as to precisely define the objectives and periodically monitor the degree of their implementation, the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia adopted the following Policies for use in the TAURON Group:


  • TAURON Group’s Customer Oriented (PRO Client) Social Policy;
  • TAURON Group’s Diversity Policy;
  • TAURON Group’s Environmental Policy;
  • TAURON Group’s Climate Policy;
  • TAURON Group’s Human Rights Respect Policy;
  • TAURON Group’s Human Resources Management Policy;
  • TAURON Group’s Subsidiaries Employee Recruitment, Selection and Adaptation Policy;
  • TAURON Group’s Anti-corruption Policy;
  • TAURON Group’s OHS Policy;
  • Strategic Research Agenda;
  • TAURON Group’s Corporate Purchasing Policy;
  • Code of Conduct for Contractors of the TAURON Group’s Subsidiaries;
  • Personal Data Protection Policy for TAURON Group entities;
  • Policy of Compliance with the Principles of Ethics and Prevention of Mobbing and Discrimination at the TAURON Group.

The above mentioned documents ensure compliance of the TAURON Group’s operations with the requirements specified in Article 49b(2) and (3) of the Accounting Act. They also represent an important part of conducting a transparent communication policy with the numerous stakeholders of the TAURON Group, who may familiarize themselves with the annually published reports on their implementation.

In addition, the TAURON Group is implementing the TAURON Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2017‑2025, adopted by the Company’s Management Board on 1 August 2017, which was compiled based on the Strategy.

Each of the above documents contains an exhaustive description of actions taken by the TAURON Group’s subsidiaries to achieve the intended goals in the given area. The following sub-sections present the main principles, methods and tools implemented by the TAURON Group under the individual policies and the results of their application in 2019.

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