TAURON’s green investments

To achieve the objectives provided for in the Group’s ambitious plans to change its production mix, TAURON’s Green Turn calls for the acquisition of existing renewable sources and ready-to-build projects by the TAURON Group companies as well as their execution of new projects to build renewable energy sources.

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Achieving the target capacity of 2.5 GW from renewable sources will require the Group to spend approx. PLN 5 billion in 2020-2030, yet part of this objective was achieved already at the turn of 2020. The TAURON Group acquired wind farms with an installed capacity of 180 MW and a 6 MW solar farm project.

Current projects executed within the framework of green investments:

Acquisition of wind farms
with a capacity
of 180 MW in 2019

As part of the implementation of the assumptions of TAURON’s new green policy, the TAURON Group acquired 5 wind farms in September 2019 with a total installed capacity of 180 MW, and as a result of the deal its installed capacity in wind-based technology was doubled. After the acquisition of these wind farms, TAURON ranked second among Polish energy groups in terms of installed capacity in onshore utility scale wind farms.

Acquisition of a 6 MW
photovoltaic farm construction
project in Choszczno municipality

On 2 January 2020, TAURON Ekoenergia acquired a 100% stake in AVAL-1 sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Szczecin, a company executing a 6 MW photovoltaic farm construction project in Choszczno municipality of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship. The Choszczno solar power plant is the Group’s first facility to generate electricity from the sun. The power plant is scheduled to be commissioned in Q4 2020. The total construction cost is estimated at PLN 15 million for 6 MW. The photovoltaic farm will generate 6 GWh annually and will operate until around 2045.

Preparation of photovoltaic
power plant projects on land
owned by the TAURON Group

Work is underway to prepare for the development of the photovoltaic farms on land owned by the TAURON Group that is not used commercially. We develop our own photovoltaic projects, for instance in Jaworzno, Mysłowice and Stalowa Wola.

In March 2020, TAURON entered into a cooperation agreement with the Polish Development Fund regarding investments in onshore wind farms and photovoltaic farms. This is an important step enabling flexible funding of TAURON’s Green Turn. Under this agreement, each of TAURON’s future green investments will be eligible for at least PLN 50 million worth of funding.

Modernization and expansion of the distribution network

The largest contributor to the TAURON Group’s financial result is the Distribution Line of Business, in which the largest capital expenditures are incurred. Only in this line of business, TAURON invests approx. PLN 2 billion annually. The changing environment, in particular the development of renewable energy sources, also of the prosumer type, has a large impact on the need to upgrade and expand, as well as adapt the existing grid infrastructure. In 2019, TAURON Dystrybucja connected 30.4 thousand RES micro-installations with a total capacity of 206 MW. This was almost four times more than in the year before. In total, the Company has already connected over 47 thousand of such installations with a total capacity of 309 MW.

The vast majority of all the micro-installations connected in 2019 based on photovoltaic technology. Also, TAURON connected 5 hydro power plants and 3 wind farms. The Company also connected 64 renewable energy sources other than micro-installations, 7 of which were not based on photovoltaic technology. These were 4 wind farms, 2 hydro power plants and 1 agricultural biogas-fired power plant. The remaining part were PV power plants.

Every year, the interest in photovoltaics among prosumers keeps growing. In 2017, slightly more than 4 thousand micro installations with a total capacity of 24 MW were connected to TAURON Dystrybucja’s network. 2018 marked a significant increase and the Company connected over 8 thousand micro-installations with a total capacity of 48 MW. In turn, last year TAURON connected over 30 thousand micro-installations to its power grid with a total capacity of 206 MW.

In 2019 alone, TAURON Dystrybucja signed 7 new agreements worth over PLN 27 million to co-finance the construction and reconstruction of distribution networks.

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