Innovation in responseto climate challenges

We also undertake research and development initiatives aimed at improving the quality of the environment and protecting the climate. This applies to both reducing the TAURON Group’s adverse environmental impact and the development of eco-friendly business, chiefly in terms of increasing the share of energy generated from renewable sources and their integration with the power grid.

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An excellent example of an initiative undertaken in pursuit of these objectives is the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) project. Its purpose is to develop a management system for multiple renewable energy sources that will let them operate as one large power plant regardless of the location of each source. Any renewable energy source may be connected to the VPP: wind, solar, water, etc., and also energy stores and consumers capable of changing their load. When the wind stops or the sky becomes overcast, the Virtual Power Plant will increase generation from other sources and thus cover the customers’ demand for RES energy at any time.

Another innovative undertaking of this kind is the Microgrid project. Within the framework of this project, TAURON creates an energy island that will be able to cover its own electricity demand from local sources, predominantly RES. Also, the island will be capable of disconnecting from or connecting to the national grid without the loss of power by the customers supplied within the microgrid. This is how TAURON strives to develop solutions which, when implemented, will enable almost trouble-free operation of energy networks.

In both of the above projects, the ability to accurately predict the volume of energy generated by photovoltaic sources over a short time span is of major significance. This ability will be ensured by an ultrafast energy generation forecasting system in photovoltaic installations, developed under one of the Group’s research and development projects. As installations based on this technology, especially prosumer installations, become more and more popular (as attested to by last year’s record-breaking number of new connections of micro-installations to TAURON Dystrybucja’s network), precise generation forecasts will allow us to properly manage our generation assets and energy networks.

At the same time, in the area of reducing the adverse impact of the Group’s operations on the environment, TAURON is involved in research projects on the transformation of CO2 emitted by coal-fired power plants into substitute natural gas (SNG).

For more information about projects related to this concept and all research and development and innovation pursuits of the TAURON Group, go to the tab Our Strategy/Innovations.

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