TAURON Group’s Environmental Policy

Judging by the weather changes in the form of more frequent and very severe storms, hurricanes, periods of drought and very mild winters, climate change seems obvious. How will the changes affect us, to what extent are they caused by human activity and are they reversible? These questions are asked by people across the globe.

Aware of this fact, we are taking various actions to reduce the adverse impact of human activity on the environment. They include physical, investment and educational activities that are aimed at building climate awareness. Such activities include the adoption and pursuit of the TAURON Group’s Environmental Policy and Climate Policy as well as efforts to ensure that the TAURON Group’s business model is resilient to climate change due to the execution of green investments, introduction of environmentally friendly products, pursuit of innovation, etc.

Environment protection is a strictly controlled and regulated area in the energy and mining industry. Regardless of the applicable general regulations, TAURON takes responsibility for the consequences of its use of natural resources. By adopting, in July 2017, a document entitled the TAURON Group’s Environmental Policy, followed by the TAURON Group’s Climate Policy in November 2019, TAURON emphasized its commitment to taking actions that extend beyond its legally required duties.

The Environmental Policy defines the Group’s approach to the management of the issues related to the impact made by its operations on the natural environment, including the direction of its environmental activities and the principles it follows in environment related matters. The document is the benchmark for assessing all of the activities of the TAURON Group’s subsidiaries in the area of environment protection and environmental management. [for more, go to the tab Environmental Policy]

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