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2019 is the year of #TAURON’sGreenTurn, which was also reflected in the products and services offered to our customers.

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For environmentally conscious retail customers (B2C), we have introduced ECO Electricity from TAURON [Prąd EKO od TAURONA]. Under this offering, we provide our customers with electricity generated exclusively from environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. This electricity is generated in wind farms, hydro power plants or photovoltaic farms. Its origin is confirmed by a special certificate issued by an independent certification center, TÜV SÜD Poland.

Since we introduced them to our offering, we have been constantly promoting among our customers:

  • Photovoltaic installations that enable customers to generate energy themselves as ‘prosumers’, i.e. energy producers. This offering includes, without limitation, the option to finance the investment under a loan for the construction of the installation, repayable in convenient installments. Customers who purchase a photovoltaic installation from TAURON may also receive a “refund for electricity” of up to 2% of the value of the installation.
  • Smart Home products that help reduce energy consumption in the home and office by adjusting the room temperature to its residents’ lifestyle.
  • Smart Home systems enable the integration and management of several devices via a dedicated application, allowing the users to reduce their consumption and bills.

In 2019, we held a contest called Home Financing for individual customers willing to become prosumers and generate energy from the sun or change their heating system to an environmentally friendly one. The main prize was PLN 15,000 in co-financing for the purchase of a photovoltaic farm or replacement of the heating system. The purpose of the contest was to promote photovoltaics as a technology that enables environmentally friendly electricity generation and to promote environmentally friendly heating solutions. Out of over 20,000 customers who took part in the contest, 68 winners were selected. The total prize pool in the contest was PLN 130 thousand. In addition to receiving the prize, the contest winners will be provided with professional support from TAURON representatives who will help them choose devices best suited to their specific needs.

We encourage our customers not only to choose environmentally friendly products but also to engage in eco-friendly behaviors. We have offered them the use of the site My TAURON [Mój TAURON] enabling online handling of customer requests without leaving home. We also encourage our customers to switch to electronic invoices from hard copy ones as their contribution to reduced paper consumption and protection of the environment.

We have made available 20 electric cars to residents of Katowice as part of a car-sharing service. In 2019, our customers traveled over 150,000 km in these vehicles. The dedicated application eCar from TAURON enables users to book a car, open it and start and end the drive with only a few clicks. Using the application, the customer may also securely pay for the rental.

In order for electric cars to become a regular sight in the landscape of Polish cities, appropriate infrastructure must be created for charging such vehicles. At yearend 2019, we had 28 electric car-charging stations and we are planning to build more. To use them, the eMap from TAURON app is necessary. It shows the nearest charging station and lets the user pay for the service.

We also offer eco-friendly products to our business customers.

As part of our EKO Premium product, we offer the purchase of eco-friendly electricity generated exclusively from renewable energy sources, i.e. from hydro power plants and wind farms. By purchasing electricity generated entirely from renewable sources, the company supports various environmental protection initiatives. The EKO Premium product is the only such product in Poland that has obtained an Energy Supply Guarantee confirmed by the Polish Society for Energy Certification (PTCE).

EKO Premium is a product based on electricity generated from renewable sources (wind and water), subjected to annual audits the purpose of which is not only to confirm the production of green energy but also to verify compliance with environmental protection standards during the operation of the installation.

EKO Biznes is an offer to purchase, in commercial flow, electricity generated in whole or in part in high-efficiency cogeneration, i.e. the process of simultaneous generation of electricity and heat. The energy sold under this offer is generated in CHP plants owned by the TAURON Group. When choosing the offer, the business customer receives an Accession Certificate. Upon termination of the contract, the customer receives a certificate confirming the volume of avoided emissions that results from the actual electricity consumption during the contract period.

Another offer dedicated to business customers is Energy Management, which enables more efficient management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in large buildings and helps reduce annual electricity and heat consumption by up to 30%. Under this offer, we guarantee a free-of-charge initial inspection of the facility to determine the feasibility of implementation of the product and no additional costs associated with the implementation of the service.

Distinct lines of business responsible for developing new products in the TAURON Group companies are constantly working on expanding the list of available ‘green’ services by testing new solutions. They also establish cooperation with startups with a view to being able to offer our customers new environmentally friendly products.

TAURON’s current offering is available at www.tauron.pl

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